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[VID]1. Exploiting WPS - Introduction.mp42021-08-14 20:24 9.7M 
[TXT]1. Exploiting WPS - Introduction.srt2021-08-14 20:23 2.2K 
[VID]2. Bypassing Failed to associate Issue.mp42021-08-14 20:23 15M 
[TXT]2. Bypassing Failed to associate Issue.srt2021-08-14 20:23 9.4K 
[VID]3. Bypassing 0x3 and 0x4 Errors.mp42021-08-14 20:24 19M 
[TXT]3. Bypassing 0x3 and 0x4 Errors.srt2021-08-14 20:23 9.8K 
[VID]4. WPS Lock - What Is It & How To Bypass It.mp42021-08-14 20:24 26M 
[TXT]4. WPS Lock - What Is It & How To Bypass It.srt2021-08-14 20:22 9.5K 
[VID]5. Unlocking WPS.mp42021-08-14 20:23 20M 
[TXT]5. Unlocking WPS.srt2021-08-14 20:22 11K