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[TXT]011 Arrays addresses and pointers-en.srt2021-08-07 21:19 6.5K 
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[TXT]012 Multiple indirection-en.srt2021-08-07 21:19 1.9K 
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[TXT]013 Multiple indirection with integers-en.srt2021-08-07 21:23 8.7K 
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[TXT]014 Multiple Indirection with strings-en.srt2021-08-07 21:20 5.3K 
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[TXT]015 Indirection and commandline args-en.srt2021-08-07 21:19 3.5K 
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[TXT]016 Generic Pointers-en.srt2021-08-07 21:22 5.5K 
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[TXT]017 Allocating memory-en.srt2021-08-07 21:18 6.6K 
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[TXT]018 Malloc and sizeof-en.srt2021-08-07 21:21 5.6K 
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[TXT]019 Functions that cause errors or warnings-en.srt2021-08-07 21:21 3.2K 
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[TXT]020 calloc-en.srt2021-08-07 21:18 4.7K 
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[TXT]021 free-en.srt2021-08-07 21:19 3.4K 
[VID]021 free.mp42021-08-07 21:22 10M 
[TXT]022 realloc-en.srt2021-08-07 21:18 4.2K 
[VID]022 realloc.mp42021-08-07 21:22 10M 
[TXT]023 Pointer arithmetic-en.srt2021-08-07 21:21 5.9K 
[VID]023 Pointer arithmetic.mp42021-08-07 21:19 16M 
[TXT]024 Calculating an array index-en.srt2021-08-07 21:18 3.8K 
[VID]024 Calculating an array index.mp42021-08-07 21:21 16M 
[TXT]025 Pointers to structs-en.srt2021-08-07 21:22 7.6K 
[VID]025 Pointers to structs.mp42021-08-07 21:19 17M 
[TXT]026 Data type alignment-en.srt2021-08-07 21:18 9.6K 
[VID]026 Data type alignment.mp42021-08-07 21:18 19M 
[TXT]027 Type alignment on boundaries-en.srt2021-08-07 21:20 2.1K 
[VID]027 Type alignment on boundaries.mp42021-08-07 21:18 9.3M 
[TXT]028 Type alignment and pointer arithmetic-en.srt2021-08-07 21:18 2.5K 
[VID]028 Type alignment and pointer arithmetic.mp42021-08-07 21:20 5.4M 
[TXT]029 Debugging C Programs-en.srt2021-08-07 21:21 12K 
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[TXT]030 Debugging Multiple Indirection-en.srt2021-08-07 21:21 10K 
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